About the Wall and Ceiling Bureau

The Wall And Ceiling Bureau (WCB) is a non-profit drywall, lath and plaster technical organization servicing Northern California. WCB is the technical arm of the Wall And Ceiling Alliance (WACA), its primary focus is to provide technical support to union wall and ceiling contracting members.

Technical NEWS !!!  Bulletin of the month - Cracks in Gypsum Wood Framing -  The installation of gypsum wallboard (drywall) to wood framed walls and ceilings is often used to serve a variety of functions, including finishing and substrate sheathing, shear, sound and/or fire resistance. When applying gypsum wallboard to wood framing members, satisfactory results can be assured with either single-ply or multiple assemblies by requiring the following items: Framing Details – All lumber should be straight, correctly spaced, properly installed and cured. All wallboard must have wood backing, secured to receive it. Job Conditions Controlled temperature with adequate ventilation throughout application. Onsite lumber storage - Lumber must be.......... Please click here to access rest of article

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