About the Wall and Ceiling Bureau

The Wall And Ceiling Bureau (WCB) is a non-profit drywall, lath and plaster technical organization servicing Northern California. WCB is the technical arm of the Wall And Ceiling Alliance (WACA). WCB's primary focus is to provide technical support to union wall and ceiling contracting members.

Latest Bulletins

* OSHA Silica Compliance Guide (Table 1 items pgs. 7-29): OSHA Compliance Guide
* Sample Silica Written Exposure Control Plan (courtesy of Wall and Ceiling Conference)
* Respirable Silica Testing Results (courtesy of Wall and Ceiling Conference): Appendix A

A Timeline of How Far Firestopping has Come Over the Years.

by Don Pilz and Brent Johnson
(Walls & Ceilngs Magazine, Sept 2019)


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